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Mobile veterinary surgeries overcome the cost of fixed premises

The cost of opening your own practice, or an additional high, and represents a significant financial investment.

The Mobile Veterinary Surgery is an ideal alternative offering a much lower cost option to any practice or charity. In addition it brings advantages. It enables you to attend to new clients who you could very easily miss out on capturing. The elderly, the disabled or the simply busy find it hard to bring their pets to a taking the branch to them gives the type of service they can only dream of.

Normally based on a long wheel based van with high roof the mobile surgery can be fitted out to any level of equipment that you require. From basic health check facilities to full operating equipment including anaesthetics, x-ray, oxygen generator and autoclave....and more.

We always include the essentials such as hot and cold water supply, lighting and storage but other non medical items such as cages and transit boxes, warm air heating and air conditioning are all optional to your own requirements.

We can fit windows and externally we can add an awning (with marquee walls) to provide an ideal waiting room for carers or a very practical recovery room.

Our experience includes designing surgeries for charities including the RSPCA, PDSA, Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund and Carrottops Mobile Surgery Service.

Whilst we normally build within new vehicles (we use Fiat, Iveco, Renault or Vauxhall vans unless you prefer an alternative) or we can provide you with a second hand to lower overall cost.

If you would like us to draft a specification for your specific needs then please call or e-mail us.


Photo: A mobile veterinary surgery built into a second hand Ford Transit
long wheel base van for Carrottops mobile surgery service.