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Van conversions
....more versatile than you may think!

For many the very expression "van conversion" conjures up a negative or, at best, a commercial image very much akin to "white van man". Whilst most of us are perhaps guilty of this it is nonetheless rather unfair.

With the enforcement of Tachograph Regulations relating to trailers, and the restricted towing license of new drivers, a van conversion combines the very practical with a very versatile and cost effective roadshow option.

Long and extra long van models with high and extra high roof (and most manufacturers offer a very full range) can, enable us to create for you a whole gamut of innovative functional or stylish interiors.

A van can easily be fitted with features such as windows, generator, warm air heating, and air conditioning to add comfort and practicality to either a working need or a more information based environment.

And what's more the exterior can be fully wrapped with vinyl graphics if on road impact is required. When used for events we can add fitted knuckle arm awnings to provide external protected space for visitors or cover for external product and literature displays.


Photo: An extra long wheel base Mercedes Sprinter converted into a gaming vehicle