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Exhibition Trailer
Maintenance services
....for trailers and vehicles

It is essential to maintain your exhibition trailer or vehicle to ensure it continues to comply with your Health and Safety Risk Assessments, copies of which are often required by show and event venues.

Another essential is the need to maintain a valid Electrical Certificate in respect of any 240 volt installation you may have.

But on top of these it makes sense to have all mechanical parts checked and serviced on a regular basis so that you know your coupling, brakes, tyres etc are all in perfect working order.

For insurance purposes we also recommend inspection and maintenance where necessary, of items such as steps, handrails, water systems and service features including generator, air conditioning and heating where installed.

We are happy to undertake maintenance work throughout the year and can do so at our factory or, for some work, we can undertake this on your own premises to save you the cost of transport.

And however careful you may be, an emergency can easily arise. That's life! If you're unfortunate enough to need help quickly we'll come out to you, wherever you are, as quickly as we can and it won't matter where you are in the UK or indeed overseas.

No task is too large or too small for us to care for your trailer.


Photo: We sourced this double deck exhibition for o2 and recently undertook
maintenance work to repair a damaged gull wing floor.