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Exhibition Trailer
Trailer and vehicle types and sizes
...a trailer or vehicle to suit every situation

Exhibition Trailers are available in a range of shapes and sizes ranging form small car towable trailers to full HGV articulated trailers, and are generally referred to by the lengths of their bodies with smaller trailers (under 7000 kgs) occasionally referenced by weight. When we refer to a trailer by weight we use the gross plated weight of a trailer (or MAM), as this is the weight used in all legal requirements.

Listed here is a summary (though by no means definitive) of the trailer types that we build:

Single axle trailers - Usually 2.5 to 3 metres long with maximum weight of 1800 kgs. The lighter weight models are ideal for exhibition and product sampling campaigns because the can be towed by standard saloon cars.

Tandem axle trailers - Usually 3.5 to 6 metres long with maximum weights ranging between 1800 kgs to 3500 kgs. This range of trailers are perfect for a wide variety of exhibition and promotional uses. Again often used for product sampling roadshows.

Turntable Steer Trailers - Usually 6 or 7 metres long and normally plated at the maximum permissible weight of 3500 kgs. These are the workhorse trailers of the industry and used for everything from exhibition, hospitality to training rooms, classrooms, offices and many more.

Light weight articulated trailers - Usually 8 to 10 metres long with maximum weight of 8250 kgs these offer a wide range of benefits and are popular for roadshows and general exhibition work.

HGV Articulated Trailers - Usually 13.6 metres long with maximum weight of 30,000 kgs these trailers are best suited to large budget campaigns and ideal for long distance roadshows where a large internal space is required.

In addition to building trailers we also build chassis cab vehicles and undertake van conversions:

Van Conversions - We are normally offering vans plated at 3500 kgs so that they can be driven by anyone with a driving licence. Available in medium, long and extra long wheel base models with high or extra high roof they are ideal for mobile surgeries, offices, workshops and games vehicles.

Chassis cab Conversions - Usually between 4 to 6 metre long bodies on both low or standard chassis heights. We recommend the Iveco Daily chassis cab for a long distance heavy duty use and models such as the Fiat Ducato and Citroen Relay for the lower mileage general purpose uses for which these models are ideal. We can also offer “back to back” vehicles fitted with AL-KO chassis extensions.

Ex Mobile libraries, Buses, coaches - These are very varied in format and we are normally supplying second hand vehicles, rather than new.

All variations of trailers and vehicles (size and weight) are available with a wealth of extension features such as stages, entrance platforms, Gull Wing extensions, sliding extension pods, upper viewing galleries or complete upper decks. Whilst other frequently used features include banner boards, swing out display panels and much more.

We use gas struts to aid set up on smaller trailers, hand pumped hydraulics on medium ranges and powered hydraulic systems operated by remote control hand sets on the larger units.

Services such as generators, air conditioning, plumbing, heating can be accommodated within most of these trailer types (with the exception of the really small ones) although weight of items does need to be taken into account on all but the largest trailers.


Photo: A second hand mobile library vehicle converted into a mobile shopping experience and promotional roadshow vehicle