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We offer a wide choice of new exhibition trailers for sale from the smaller car towable 3 metre, single axle, models right through to full 13.6 metre articulated trailers featuring gull wing extensions, extension pods and even upper decks. In between these sizes the most popular models are 4 metre, 5 metre, 6 metre and 7 metre tandem axle (and sometime tri-axle) trailers. All of these being below the maximum legal limit of 3500 kgs gross plated weight.

To be car towable the trailer generally needs to be under 1200 kgs in total (but do look at the individual vehicles manual for the definitive weight) then we strongly recommend the towing vehicle to be either a long wheelbase 4x4 or, for the larger trailers, we rather like to recommend a van such as the Iveco Daily, of which some models can even tow up to the maximum permitted weight of the 3500 kgs. In these instances the van can be used to carry the “awkward” items such as steps and extension frames etc.

A new exhibition trailer for sale can fall into the category of “lightweight articulated trailer” and these are articulated trailers that can be driven on a standard car driving licence provided the gross train weight is under 8,250 kgs and the driver obtained their licence prior to January 1997. These make an exceptionally versatile roadshow unit.

The largest of trailers are the HGV models which are particularly popular for large scale roadshow activity and public events.

Purchasing new exhibition trailer for sale can be a daunting task if you have not been involved in the industry before. If this is the case do not be too alarmed since the vast majority of our clients are making their first ever are not alone! Even so the options available appear to be make a bewildering choice. But do not worry. We have over 25 years experience in the industry and pride ourselves on offering the following:

  • Good sound advice based on what you need, rather than what we may like to offer you.
  • Providing you with all the options available in a concise and straightforward way.
  • Prices based on our low overhead approach to business.
  • High quality materials and sound construction.
  • High standards of design and engineering.

What does make our job more difficult is the fact that each trailer we build is individual. We cannot point to a chart showing new exhibition trailers for sale and offer you a mass produced product off the shelf. Our skills are in listening to your brief and understanding what you wish to do. We then translate this into a creative design, or more usually a simple plan, which we can then engineer for you once we know we are close to what you have in mind. At Freeway Trailers we like to try to keep things as simple as possible so to help us to help you we like to ask a few basic questions that enable us to fine tune our advice on any new exhibition trailers for sale.

  • Do you have an identified driver? If you do then we need to know what licence they hold so that we can determine what vehicles and what combinations they can legal drive.
  • Do you have a tow vehicle already? If you do then knowing this will determine the maximum trailer weight we can offer.
  • Where the trailer is to be used? This will help guide us on the trailer length and the extensions we suggest can be fitted.
  • What budget parameters are there? Some clients to not like to offer this information initially but it really does help since new exhibition trailers for sale can range in price we try not to waste your time on designs that will not fit within a budget.
  • How many people are likely to be on board at any one time? This again is a guide to size.
  • Is the trailer to be fitted with air conditioning and or heating or hot water? This will determine the power requirement.
  • Is a generator required? This will influence the design and weight parameters of the trailer.

Whilst these are not all of the questions we will be asking to enable us to refine a new exhibition trailer for sale this list may help you to plan ahead.


Photo: The interior of a 7 metre turntable steer trailer built for the Royal Navy.
This is one of several trailers built for the Royal Navy Recruitment Roadshow.