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Exhibition Trailer
Single axle trailers
....ideal for car towable

If you need a car towable or very lightweight small trailer then we recommend that you opt for a single axle trailer. The body length rarely exceeds 3 metres and overall width is kept quite narrow to about 1800 mm, which is well within the maximum permitted width.

Within these parameters we can make many different shapes and format of there is no restriction on creativity!

As many large saloon and estate cars can tow between 1400 to 1600 kgs we normally rate such single axle trailers to within these figures. But do be careful. Many younger drivers do not have license to tow even this weight of trailer...see more about this on our legislation page

The very smallest trailers that we make, primarily as sampling trailers, weight under 750 kgs, and therefore have no over run braking system, so these can be towed by almost everyone with a driving licence. So this is the preferred option to maximise flexibility of drivers.

Whilst the single axle trailer is ideal for sampling and information type communication work, it is flexible enough to allow us to have recently built a mobile shop for Dogs Naturally on a simple single axle!


Photo: Single axle trailer with lift up canopy and hinge out display shelving to create a
small easily operated mobile shop or merchandising unit.