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Recent years have seen an ever growing awareness and appreciation of field marketing activities and the effectiveness of experiential marketing campaigns.

To support such activities our sampling trailers come in all shapes and sizes, from the very small car towable, often in support of guerrilla marketing campaigns, to larger well equipped trailers such as those fitted with full catering facilities to prepare and cook foods.

At Freeway we have built sampling trailers to support product sampling campaigns ranging from apples to cakes, burgers to coffee, confectionery to beverages. There are simply no limits to the facilities we can create on board a sampling trailer (from storage to cooking) to get your products sampled.....thereby increasing product awareness.

And don't forget that sampling trailers can work just as well for business to business sales as they do within the consumer market.

If you need to undertake a cost effective sampling trailer to increase awareness of your products we can help you. Whilst we specialise on building new trailers, as an alternative, we can also supply and convert second hand trailers.

We'll also supply and apply any external branding graphics that you may require.

Photo: Part of the exhibition "village" roadshow built for the Co-operative Society.
Consisting of two 7 metre trailers linking to one HGV 13.6 to provide catering
and product sampling along with sales and membership recruitment.

Over recent years we have been involved in creating some great sampling campaigns. Whilst the word sampling tends to be associated mainly with food products being distributed to the consumer market our sampling trailers (and very often now vehicles) are certainly not restricted to this market segment. The days of simply handing out free product within a shopping precinct are, for us and many of our clients, a thing of the past. We are producing trailers to help inform, educate, convert and identify prospects for our clients. In short, these days, our trailers are considerably more sophisticated than simply an empty box piled high with stock to be simply given away.

Perhaps our most notable recent food and drink campaigns have been for the Co-operative Society and for Jack Daniels. For the former client we produced a “trailer village” consisting of three full HGV articulated unit with roof viewing gallery supported by two 7 metre trailers fitted with extensions. Whilst this was primarily a product sampling campaign we were able to enhance this activity by providing a membership recruitment facility supported by a cookery demonstration and in addition to these a fully equipped retail shop to make sales at each creating a “taste the goods” alongside a “buy” environment. This combination of sampling trailers has been working around County Shows for a number of seasons now.

On a similar basis we recently produced a full articulated HGV sampling trailer for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey which is being used to sample, sell and generally promote this popular product to a new younger generation via music festivals throughout Europe.

But as mentioned a sampling trailer is not the sole preserve or tool of consumer marketers and in the past year alone we have produced some stunningly successful trailers (and increasingly of late more vehicles) for business to business clients. Two in particular stand out because of the sophisticated demonstration equipment we have created to demonstrate and sample not just the product but the features and benefits too. One has been for Salamander Pumped Shower Systems and the other for Pegler Yorkshire. Both of these have been operated by their own sales personnel and with great success.

When we produce any trailer or specialist vehicle we have the clients end results and expectations in mind as we appreciate that everything we produce has to be cost effective. None more so than with each and every sampling trailer which need, and must be, more than just a means to giveaway product. Anyone can do that, we aim for more. What we aim to do is to attract and capture the attention of our clients prospects, enable them to sample not just the product but do a lot more such as appreciate the product features and benefits, values, worth and provide an option to buy.

If you have a campaign project in mind or simply a wish to explore the opportunities that we may be able offer then please drop us a line on or call us for an initial chat on 01480 861990. We are more than happy to offer advice and ideas without any obligation and to run through legal issues and regulations with you.