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At Freeway we can if you wish support our roadshow trailers by providing you with an all embracing "one-stop" roadshow management service with an operational ability throughout the UK, Europe and, if required, Worldwide too. If you own your own trailer, have us build one for you or you wish to make use of one of our hire exhibition trailers we can offer you a total service from inception to completion.

If you own a roadshow trailer which is in need of refurbishment then we have a full manufacturing facility that can transform your existing unit into whatever you want. We have the ability to install a full range of IT equipment, audio visual screens and presentation aids. For those of you inviting the public on board we are able to supply and install wheel chair access ramps or lifts, fit hearing loops for the hard of hearing or advise on changes to assist the visually impaired.

Not all roadshows are presentation based so if you have your own equipment or products to demonstrate we can fit these too. We are also experienced in food and product sampling activities.

But when it comes to the actual logistics of the operation you will find that our expertise in this field saves you the demands and worry of day to day management and can, if you wish, include any or all of issues including:

  • External branding and interior design
  • Schedule planning to maximise cost effectiveness
  • Site selection and prevent inspection
  • Roadshow route planning
  • Providing the right driver and /or event manager
  • Set up and take down on time and to schedule
  • Looking after security issues
  • Insurance and customs documentation
  • Roadshow analysis and assessment
  • Consumables such as literature
  • Cleaning and maintenance

With our detailed planning we can provide you with the information that can enable you to run a cost effective activity that will fit within your specified budget.

In addition to our UK based services we have many years experience of working with our partners in The Netherlands who have many years experience specialising in the larger and more demanding activities with particular emphasis on those involving sport such as international cycling events. With a range of unique super size, double deck roadshow trailers based on the continent we are in a position to recommend their services for any appropriate campaign or project be it a one off event or year long activity.

So from the outset we can sit down with you, get to understand what your objectives are and then help supply you with a roadshow trailer that will do the job to be done. The roadshow trailers that we design and build are available in a wide range of sizes and formats from small car towable, single axle trailers to full 13.6 metre HGV articulated trailers. So quite a range! But what’s more we can supply many of these sizes as refurbished second hand units or alternatively you may hire a roadshow trailer from our hire fleet.

We also value our green credentials so when running a roadshow we make use, wherever possible, of low voltage lighting and renewable consumables etc.

Using our specialist services will help you to:

  • Achieve your given goals
  • Operate cost effectively
  • Target the right audience
  • Create the right image
  • Achieve satisfactory results

For more information about these support services call us on 01480 861990 or write to us at If you or your company are experienced in this type of activity you will appreciate our cost effective and open approach and if this is all new to you and your simply not sure how to proceed we will give you the best straightforward advice we can.

Recent projects with which we have been proud to be associated have been for the Central Office of Information, the Royal Navy, G-Safe in Gravesend and Salamander Pumps. You cannot get more varied requirements than these!

Operating your own roadshow can be the most cost effective promotional activity that you can undertake.  It enables you to target exactly where you wish to go and very much targets who you wish to meet. Freeway roadshow trailers are used in a variety of ways and for a multitude of purposes.  They are used by charities, public services, business to business and consumer organisations.

The trailers can be small or large and the roadshow itself may be a week long or a year long.  For short sharp roadshow activity we would normally recommend that you rent a hire trailer from us.  Where the roadshow is to be used longer term then buying a new trailer or refurbishing a second hand trailer is going to be the better financial option.

Choice of trailer will very much depend upon what you need to do on board so that a small information type campaign may warrant only a 4 metre trailer whilst the need to show heavy equipment or accommodate audiences of 50 or more will naturally necessitate a larger trailer type such as an articulated trailer with extensions.

To comply with disability discrimination requirements we offer ramps or wheelchair lifts as part of the overall design. Once inside we also take into account the needs of those with impairments of vision or hearing by the use of specialist lighting and hearing loops.

Many roadshow campaigns, unlike attendance at set exhibitions are, by their very nature, on going day after day operations and sometimes even 7 days a week. For this reason we endeavour to construct our roadshow trailers in such a way as to make them as easy as possible to set up and take down.  For the larger and more complex road show trailer we generally incorporate hydraulics, which can be either manually pumped or, for even greater speed, controlled by a hand set and powered by electrics. In this way it is possible to enable the set up to be undertaken by just one person.....which is good for speed and does of course keep costs down to just one person.

As a road show trailer is often operating in isolation either in a town centre, a client’s car park or similar location it will invariably require its own power source so even on the smaller trailers we tend to assume the need for built in on board silent generators.  These normally range in size from 3 to 7 kva, but will on occasion need to be considerably larger.

Photo: A 7 metre roadshow trailer used by the Central Office of Information to provide
details and promote discussion on the subject of Eco Towns.