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Many charities, faith groups and public services face the problem that the very people they wish to communicate with are often the ones who are the most difficult to reach. The young, the teenage, the elderly, the sick or the infirm are, more often than not unable to travel, or make the first move.

The solution to this challenge is the provision of mobile outreach services via a suitably equipped Outreach trailer, vehicle or bus. At Freeway we have the experience to design and build new mobiles for all kinds of outreach needs including the installation of any specialist equipment that may be required.

Although we build new this is, for many charities conscious of costs, or with limited grant aid, too much for some budgets. In these cases we are happy to find a suitable second hand trailer, vehicle or bus with a view to converting to your specific needs. Our involvement in outreach projects is diverse and includes the following among many others:
  • A bus to provide out of school hours refuge for children
  • A chassis cab conversion to provide care guidance to adults suffering from substance abuse
  • A van to provide meals on wheels to the homeless
  • A new vehicle containing art facilities for those with learning difficulties
  • A coach to provide education and help on child and teenage issues
  • Trailers providing the blind and visually impaired with advise and assistance
  • Low cost mobile veterinary surgeries helping those on low incomes to care for their pets
If your organisation is considering an outreach trailer or vehicle to operate on a national, regional or local basis to provide care for those in need, do feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss what we may be able to do to assist you.

Where appropriate, we may also be able to offer advice on fund raising assistance available for your project.

Photo: A second hand vehicle obtained and refurbished for a faith based charity
providing hope and assistance to those with substance abuse problems.