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New exhibition trailers for sale
...including chassis cabs and van conversions

We have very few equals when it comes to the range of specialist exhibition trailers and vehicles that we design, engineer and build. From small to large, from quite simple to seriously complex, from basic appearance to stunningly eye catching. And year after year we come up with something different or special that can ensure your company or, your new product launch, becomes just that little bit different. We design and build for results...your success is our success...and nothing less will satisfy us.

In recent months some of the new exhibition trailers that we have for sale have been used to promote the sales of fancy party costumes, water pumps, survey equipment, luxury consumer goods, video games, industrial printers and many more. Our skills have also been used to produce trailers for other than promotional us and these have included animal based educational vehicles and mobile training rooms. So whatever your project, however unusual or specialist it is, we’re fairly confident that we can assist you.We can summarize our services and products as follows.......

  • We can build any type and size of exhibition and roadshow trailer.
  • We create innovate designs for you to make your trailer special.
  • We can take your creative designs and turn them into reality.
  • We build to the highest standards of finish and appearance.
  • We take our engineering skills very seriously for reliability and safety.
  • We offer seriously good value for money manufacturing to make your project cost effective.
  • We are small and flexible and able to cope with change even during construction.
  • We provide full TYPE APPROVED trailers.

1. Single Axle Trailers

Our single axle trailers are ideal for towing behind smaller vehicles including a majority of standard saloon cars and when kept below a maximum of 750kgs plated weight (and un-braked) they can be towed by anyone with a full driving licence. Most tend not to be “walk in” and are therefore used for information, vending or sampling. Prices for a new exhibition trailer for sale of this size tend to vary from as little as £7,000 plus vat up to £15,000 plus vat but as each one is individually specified with various features prices can only be confirmed once we know the features that you require.

2. Tandem Axle Trailers

Tandem axle trailers are the most common format for trailer body lengths of between 3 metres up to 6 metres. More stable on the road than a single axle they are however heavier and all but the smallest of trailers will need a tow vehicle such as a 4x4 or appropriate van such as the Iveco Daily. As they are invariably fitted with over run braking system and weight more than 750 kgs drivers do need to check that the have an appropriate licence to tow such a trailer. Prices for new exhibition trailers for sale of this size tend to vary from £10,000 plus vat up to £30,000 plus vat (and possibly more) for a well equipped 6 metre model.

3. Turntable Steer Trailers

Whilst it is perfectly practical and legal to construct 6 and7 metre trailers on tandem axle chassis we prefer the benefits and safety of basing most of our 6 and all of our 7 metre trailers on turntable steer format. Thus improving stability and towing whilst also allowing greater freedom of interior design and, in particular, weight distribution. You will certainly need a 4x4 vehicle, appropriate van or even a 7500 kgs towing vehicle for this size and type of trailer. Prices vary considerably for this type of new exhibition trailer for sale because there are so many variations and specification opportunities. But as a rule of thumb our prices vary from£25,000 plus vat to £70,000 plus vat.

4.Lightweight Articulated Trailers

Interest in the use of lightweight articulated trailers that can vary in size from 7 metre body length up to normally a maximum of 11 metres, with 9 and 10 metres the most popular remains high even though some expect the popularity of these to decline in coming years. Requiring a specialist lightweight tractor cab (such as the Iveco Daily fitted with 5th wheel coupling) these do represent a sizable investment but none the less economical enough to offer regular users or long term roadshow activities highly cost effective. Prices vary in line with complexity of specification and fit out and length but range between £45,000 plus vat to £90,000 plus vat.

5. HGV Articulated Trailers

Full HGV articulated trailers are the preferred type of trailer across continental Europe where longer term roadshow activities are standard. Popular too withmany in the UK the HGV gives the size and carrying capacity to do do what you want (within reason!) on a mobile. They can be fitted with large extensions, upper decks and viewing platforms, feature heavy equipment and likewise heavy services such as large generators and air-conditioning. The larger you go the larger the diversity of pricing so our new exhibition trailers for sale prices tend to range from around £60,000 plus vat with upper prices of £300,000 plus vat.



And please don’t forget that we also build vehicles and fit out vans!!

6. Chassis Cab Conversions

For static events trailers generally speaking offer best value for money. However when it comes to running your one roadshow activity the length and breadth of the country (and abroad) then the chassis cab conversion comes into its own. Certainly these are now the most popular choice of mobile for clients who want to be active for most of the year, and who are looking to their own staff to undertake the movement. Starting at 3500 kgs these chassis cabs can be driven by anyone with a full driving licence (even those who do not have a licence to tow a trailer!). Over this weight but under 7500 kgs then you need to have held a licence prior to January 1997. Prices vary on size and make of chassis cab we use but start out around £35,000 plus vat rising to £80,000 plus vat.

7. Van fit outs

Whilst we use van conversions extensively within our Animal Welfare division we are only now beginning to see clients accept the benefits of van conversion. Long wheel base, extra high roof vans provide a significant amount of internal space and with ample headroom for walking about within. Costs vary from make of van but when compared with the purchase of a trailer plus tow vehicle, then a van conversion can prove incredibly cost effective. Prices vary from £25,000 plus vat to £40,000 plus vat

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Photo: A 6 metre turntable steer trailer in build for the Royal Navy. Specifically designed for a Graduate Recruitment Roadshow this trailer is packed full of touch screen presentations.