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Exhibition Trailer
Light weight articulated trailer
....for versatility and convenience

The Lightweight Articulated trailer is the perfect half way house between 7 metre turntable steer and full HGV articulated units.

With a fixed maximum gross weight of 8250 kgs (under certain circumstances we do build heavier) the usual length of such trailers falls between 9 to 10 metres.

When the trailer satisfies these specifications the complete rig can be driven by those holding a driving licence obtained prior to January 1997. Thus a very convenient trailer for those requiring more space and more weight than a turntable steer trailer but no wishing to incur the need to use an HGV qualified driver.

Although we do need to be careful with overall weight when building these trailers they can still feature a combination of gull wing extension and extension pod, such as those we have built for Honda UK and the University of Salford. In the case of one of the Honda trailers we even included an internal spiral staircase and a roof viewing gallery.

This type of trailer is ideal for a multitude of road show uses and is a popular choice for many companies.


Photo: A 9 metre lightweight articulated trailer built for the University of Salford
to operate as a versatile mobile showroom, meeting room and training facility.