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Exhibition Trailer
HGV articulated trailers
....for maximum impact

When you need a lot of space to accommodate a large number of guests or exhibit some heavy equipment then you need to choose an HGV articulated trailer.

These have a maximum length of 13.6 metres and on road width of 2.55 metres....but these dimensions in no way inhibit the size that such trailers can expand to when once on site. We can fit extension pods and gull wing extensions, not to mention roof viewing galleries or completely enclosed upper decks.

Unlike almost all other trailer types there is rarely a weight issue when making an articulated exhibition trailer. We can incorporate the heaviest of machinery if this is what you need to display...... and still have room for large generators, air conditioning services and much more.

Ideal for a multitude of uses, our clients have used this large type of trailer for every form of activity which you will read about on our web site. If your product dictates a large approach or you simply wish to make a very bold brand statement, we can design an articulated trailer to suit your needs.

We also have the ability to build this format of trailer as a demountable, so that the problem of higher than average access height can be easily overcome by demounting the body to the ground. An ideal approach for mass public access.

We can build you a completely new articulated trailer, build a new body onto a second hand chassis or simply convert and refurbish an existing second hand road show trailer. We can tackle which ever approach suits your budget and time scale.


Photo: Illustration of the double extending, double gull wing, 13.6 metre articulated
trailer built as a huge mobile bar to promote Jack Daniel Tennessee Whiskey.