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Second hand exhibition trailers for sale

....a wide range for many uses

Although our primary business is the design and build of new trailers and vehicles we recognise the need to offer you the opportunity to make use of an existing unit. The reason for choosing a second hand exhibition trailer for sale is generally one of just two. The convenience of starting with an existing trailer means that we can complete any refurbishment and deliver much more quickly than we can for a new build. So anyone requiring a trailer or vehicle quickly is always advised to look for second hand as a first option.

The second reason for buying second hand exhibition trailers for sale is simply one of cost. For the smaller company and those setting up new business ventures, a second hand purchase can offer much more for them. We deliberately try to maintain a range of sizes in stock and within each category aim to offer different levels of age and condition. If a reasonably standard format and interior is required then we would hope to have something suitable that could be used with very little alteration.


7m trailer



Merchandising trailer kiosk/ticket office



7.5T expanding vector truck



10m lightweight artic trailer



7m Multi-flex



Double awning hospitality



13.6m double deck



2014 5T chassis cab



Demountable kiosk



3.5T box body (multiple available)



New build 5T chassis cab



7m expandable container



14m expandable artic trailer


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