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Exhibition Trailer

Can we have on board power, heating and air conditioning?

Yes we can install on board power via a built in generator or via batteries and inverter system into your exhibition trailer be it a new build or refurbishment of an existing trailer. How much power you need will determine our recommendation as to which option to opt for. Provided you have sufficient power available or alternatively power can be supplied via a land line, we can install a variety of heating and air conditioning systems to allow you to operate comfortably throughout the year.

Can anyone tow a 7 metre exhibition trailer?

The simple answer to this is no. If you have held your licence prior to January 1997 then you almost certainly do have a valid driving licence to tow any trailer up to a maximum length of 7000 mm or more accurately any trailer up to 3500 kgs plated weight. If you obtained your licence after January 1997 then you do not have an automatic licence to tow a trailer other than one which is unbraked and weighing no more than 750 kgs.

What sizes do exhibition trailers come in?

Like all other trailer types exhibition trailers have to conform to a range of European and UK Regulations which are often referred to as Construction and Use Regulations. These stipulate that trailers under 3500 kgs with over run braking systems cannot be longer than 7000 mm or wider than 2550 mm. Over this weight you can go longer with lightweight articulated trailers ranging up to 10000 mm and full HGV articulated trailers having a maximum length of 13600 mm.

Can you display and install our companies products in your trailers?

Generally speaking, and within reason, we can install most products that our clients want to carry on board a proposed exhibition trailer. The limiting factors being dimensions and weights of the items concerned; though we have even installed a fully working microchip manufacturing machine in the past. Fortunately we can normally find ways to secure and display a very wide range of products or full product displays and, where appropriate, have them working.

Can you provide the graphics for my exhibition trailer?

The external appearance of your trailer on the road when in transit and, in particular, once on site at an event is in our view an essential ingredient of the whole unit. It forms a significant part of the success of your roadshow activity. For this reason we put a high value on good design, good quality production and application which we do in house in our own factory. So yes we do provide a full graphics service.

Will you refurbish my existing promotional trailer?

We are only too happy to service and repair your existing exhibition trailer and if you require it to be fully refurbished with new exterior graphics or interior update we can do this too. It is quite surprising how we can transform a well used trailer and transform it into something completely new and different if this degree of change is required. We offer this service for vehicles too.

Do you sell second hand exhibition trailers?

Yes, we do offer a range of second hand exhibition trailers even though our main business is that of design and build. We try to maintain a range of sizes and formats whilst also being happy to stock ones in different levels of condition. We are also willing to part exchange. If your second hand trailer is in need of refurbishment to your particular needs we can do this for you.

Do you do vehicle and van conversions?

Not all of our clients want, need or are able to operate an exhibition trailer whatever its size or weight and, as a result of this, need an alternative mobile option to enable them to undertake their planned roadshow activities. If this applies to you for whatever reason then you will be pleased to know that we offer a complete range of vehicle options including chassis cab construction, van and ex mobile library and bus conversions.

Can we link a number of shipping containers together for a Roadshow?

There is nothing stopping you from linking a number of shipping containers together to form a larger covered space. We fit all of our containers with adjustable legs to enable each of them to be levelled and it is this system which also allows you to level off a number of containers. Where appropriate we can even join them together with access doorways or walkways.

Can you convert a shipping container into an exhibition unit?

We certainly can convert standard shipping containers and we have done this quite recently for the Co-operative Society, using a combination of both new and second hand models. Standard Shipping Containers are available in a few different formats and are generally either 20 foot or 40 foot in length, which gives us some flexibility in what we can recommend for your specific project and needs. We can graphic the exterior and fit out the interior in any way you want.