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Demonstration Trailers
...making big impressions

It's said that "seeing is believing"......and who can argue! And a good reason why we have such positive feed back from clients using our trailers and vehicles to display and demonstrate their products.

Over the years we have designed and built a wide range of demonstration trailers with product displays as diverse as catering equipment to gas boilers, log burning stoves to vending machines and smart boards to tooling.

There is simply no substitute for a product demonstration to help you close a sale.

If your product is too large for a sales person to carry or needs power, water, heat, cold or something a little more unusual, to work, then you need to consider the benefits a demonstration road show trailer can provide. The sales increase that you can achieve will more than justify any investment.

We can create for you an enclosed classroom style environment for lecture style demonstrations at client's premises or provide open facilities to display your product to the public at events and outdoor shows. We can even combine these options into a single design concept.

And be aware that if you invest in a demonstration trailer or demonstration vehicle you can use them indoors at event venues such as EXCEL and the NEC. You can take your display into a show and set up in minutes without incurring the cost of erecting an indoor exhibition stand......which will give you quite a saving each event!

If you have a product to demonstrate why not contact us ......we would be more than happy to discuss your ideas and needs with you. From there we can create some ideas and concepts for you.

Photo: The interior view of a chassis cab based demonstration vehicle built for
Refreshment Systems Ltd, in which visitors can see vending machines
in action and taste the drinks as they are dispensed.