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Mobile libraries are, generally speaking, built to the very highest of construction standards as a result of Local Authorities putting in a great deal of thought and effort to ensure comprehensive specifications to suit their particular area of operation. As a result ex mobile libraries are available in all shapes and sizes, in addition to being available in a wide variety of styles. Base chassis cabs include virtually every vehicle manufacturer including, for example, Iveco, Volvo, Mercedes, DAF, MAN and many more. The smallest second hand mobile libraries that we stock are plated at 5000 kgs and very often these are built on Iveco Daily Chassis cabs. The largest are normally 14000 kgs (up to 10 metres in length) with most popular models for conversion being 7500 kgs. Another reason for choosing one of these vehicles for your own purposes is that they have invariably been excellently maintained and serviced, as they have to be for their public service duty. So even those at a lower price level, because of their age and/or excessive use, will be structurally sound with full maintenance and even inspection records. You cannot always say that for second hand commercial vehicles! 

Only on very rare occasions do we have vehicle shells available, which mean that nearly all of our mobile libraries second hand come fully fitted as per their original construction and many of them in absolutely superb condition. In addition to the obvious feature of library shelving virtually all, whatever their size, have key features in common. They come with wheelchair friendly access in the form of wheelchair lifts (or ramps on smaller vehicles) making them ideal for public access for which they are designed. Windows and large coach like roof lights ensure an abundance of natural lighting with heating and excellent ventilation for the comfort of those on board. Most mobile libraries do not feature generators as they rely mostly upon battery power. However, some do come with cassette type toilet and hand wash facilities and the all important microwave. Another useful feature often fitted is an external roll out awning.

Whilst a small proportion of our second hand mobile libraries are reused as they are as libraries and bought by other library authorities the majority of them are purchased by clients wishing to convert them to other uses. These can include:
  • Youth vehicles - fitted with multimedia equipment, soft and comfortable seating, kitchen facilities, sound systems and gaming with X-box and Wii.
  • Training vehicles - usually equipped with satellite internet connection, smart boards, computers, screen, projector and other training aids.
  • Waste awareness vehicles - normally fitted with specialist displays, internet connection and interactive presentations.
  • Faith and outreach vehicles - often fitted with more basic requirements for helping those less able to help themselves. Comfortable seating for relaxation and separate room for one to one conversations.
  • Race support vehicles - quite often requiring major changes to the body and infrastructure of the ex mobile library but never the less a cost effective base vehicle.
  • Motorhomes - For whatever reason many of our clients do not want to purchase mass produced motor homes and prefer to build their own. As mobile libraries come with so many features in common with motorhome living they can make ideal base vehicles
Whilst we are able to build new at our factory they are expensive our mobile libraries second hand are very popular and for this reason we try to maintain a diversity of stock to cover large and small and low budget and nearly new. Libraries sourced in Scotland and the North of England are usually stored at our yard in Edinburgh (very close to Edinburgh airport) whilst those obtained from councils in Southern England and Wales are on display and available for inspection at our yard in Harewood, Yorkshire. Whilst we do our best to maintain a good stock mix we cannot always have what our clients require. If this is the case, and we do not have what you want, we know all library operators and can quickly find out if anyone has a specific size or type of library about to come up for sale. Our search service is available without any obligation on your part. Call us on 01480 861990 for more information and specialist advice.

For those of you thinking of using an ex mobile library for commercial or charitable work we can offer a full refurbishment service. This can be as simple as cleaning, servicing and checking out the vehicle for you to ensure it meets your expectations, arranging an MOT if required and helping you sort out Road Fund Licence and insurance. Incidentally, we would normally only release vehicles with full 11 or 12 month MOT certificates. For others who want more radical changes we can provide concept design services and help you work out how best to convert the vehicle of your choice. We are happy to provide detailed quotations for prospective work which can include any or all of the following:
  • External body work alteration or repair.
  • Exterior painting, vinyl wrap or graphics.
  • Structural alterations to the interior.
  • Decorative alterations to the interior.
  • Electrical alterations.
  • Installation of IT equipment, gaming and display equipment.
In short, we can transform it into a new vehicle before you collect it. And if collection is a problem for you we can also provide a delivery service to any location you require within the UK or Southern Ireland.

For more information about what we have available from stock or you would like more details on any individual vehicle shown on our stock lists please call us on 01480 861990 or on our mobile 07860 444372 as we would be more than happy to discuss your project. Alternative if you would like photos and other information why not e-mail us on