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  • 3.5 Tonne Vehicles

3.5 Tonne Vehicles

...including chassis cabs and van conversions

We have very few equals when it comes to the range of specialist exhibition trailers and vehicles that we design, engineer and build. From small to large, from quite simple to seriously complex, from basic appearance to stunningly eye catching. And year after year we come up with something different or special that can ensure your company or, your new product launch, becomes just that little bit different. We design and build for results…your success is our success…and nothing less will satisfy us.

Tandem axle trailers

…for flexibility and medium sizes

If you require a trailer falling within the size range 3.5 metres to 5 metres we would advise the use of a tandem axle trailer chassis.

Maximum plated weights for tandem axle trailers vary from 1800 kgs to the maximum limit of 3500 kgs, which gives you a wide range of tow vehicle options from 4×4 vehicles to various ranges of vans such as the Iveco Daily range, which has a model capable of towing the maximum permitted trailer weight.

Tandem axle exhibition trailers offer better towing stability on the road than is the case with a single axle trailer and, once uncoupled, there is little danger of it dropping forward on the “A” frame.

This format and size of trailer is ideal for general purpose use offering enough internal space to provide accommodation for seating and services. Great for exhibition work at events or private roadshow activities in town centres and off-street locations.





Turntable Steer

…for increased safety and stability

When designing and manufacturing exhibition trailers up to 5.5 metre body lengths it is our normal practice to construct these using a tandem axle chassis (two axles / four wheels), with the axles very often slightly “off centre” to maximise stability on the road and to achieve correct axle and coupling loadings.  However, this format generally changes when we start to look at the larger 6 metre and 7 metre trailers. These two larger sizes are the “work horses” of the exhibition trailer business and certainly the two most popular sizes, by far, amongst our clients. Furthermore, they are often required to operate at, or close, to the maximum permitted gross weight of 3500 kgs, as they are generally fitted with features such as hinged up canopies, hinge down platforms (gull-wing extensions), slide out extension pods and a wide range of interiors, so engineering them to tow and operate safely is of paramount importance.

This trailer format continues to be towable by any vehicle with the appropriate towing capability of 3500 kgs such as most serious 4×4 models.  Where a lot of ancillary equipment is to be carried, we do recommend the use of an appropriate van as the tow vehicle and we tend to use the appropriate model of Iveco Daily van.  This further improves stability and towing comfort and enables you to store items such as steps, handrails and skirts in the tow vehicle.  This practice very definitely helps protect and maintain the integrity of the trailer interior by reducing significantly the risks of damage when setting up and taking down or when in transit.

If you want your trailer to operate to the maximum weight limits, be flexible in use when it comes to weight distribution then we recommend a turntable steer configuration.





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