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Time was when training was confined to a traditional classroom in an educational establishment or, for the larger companies, in the impersonal and less than functional, facilities of a hotel. But times have changed and it has now become ever more important for a wide range of organisations to invest in seriously good training, often to recognised qualification standards. But however important training is it has to be achieved cost effectively and, for many, at as low a cost as possible to the student or delegate body. The solution for many, to this conflicting challenge, is to turn to the use of training trailers (and for some a fleet of them).

All too often such mobility is associated with IT, but a mobile training trailer is not solely restricted to this aspect of training. We have clients in the health sector for who we have designed units to suit those with learning difficulties, to enhance their lives, and those with head injuries, just having to re-learn the most basic skills. Others have included training booths for electrical engineers whilst some have been large open plan versatile classrooms, such as that built for Salford University, for training within the construction industry. There have also been the less high tech equipped units providing just as essential learning programmes to improve adult literacy. There is in fact no limit to the type of training given in training trailers and some of our recent builds have ranged from fully fitted commercial catering units for trainee caterers through to simple parcel handling classroom for delivery drivers (hopefully encouraging them not to damage the goods in their care!).

We do have a small number of mobile classrooms on our hire fleet but our skill is to design and build for each specific client, such as the mobile art room recently completed for the Arts and Minds charity and funded by Cambridgeshire County Council. Where a complete new build is not possible due to budget restraints we can, and do, convert existing trailers and indeed vehicles for training purposes.

Whether a new build or a second hand refurbishment we can create a mobile training trailer for you with all of the options of air conditioning, heating, hot and cold water, internet connectivity, smart boards, LCD screens, DVD players and much more. As mentioned we can install your own equipment such as boilers for boiler maintenance training or even pumps and pipe fittings. Where public access is required we can of course take into account and build in wheelchair access lifts or ramps, hearing loops for the hard of hearing not to mention our experience in fitting out units for those with visual impairments.

If you have a training requirement and would like to discuss the options available to you for a mobile classroom please give us a call on 01480 861990 or e-mail us on We will be happy to send you examples of our work in this field.

Amongst our recent training trailer (and sometimes training vehicle) builds have been a matching pair of units built for Poultec Training Ltd, who required us to build a mobile IT classroom featuring not just desks and tutor front screen but support services including a small galley to provide on board refreshments during the course of each day.  Training trailers such as these are often required to work away from buildings and thus need their own power source and on board generators become essential for the working of the unit.

The second training trailer built for the same training company was most unusual; in that it was required to include a full working commercial kitchen to enable trainees to study and undertake practical work leading to a catering NVQ qualification.  What made this especially unusual is the way in which we were able to fit a serving facility to enable students to provide external catering facilities at events, as part of their studies.

There is no limit to the interior fit out of training trailers. 

Photo: Interior of an IT training vehicle built for Poultec Training Ltd prior
to the installation of computer equipment.