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Exhibition Trailer
Refurbished Exhibition Trailers For Sale preparation for your next roadshow

However much care you take of your trailer oor exhibition vehicle during the campaign season or on a specific roadshow project it is a fact that attending outdoor events tends to take its toll! And the chances are that come the end of the year your mobile will require at the very least some level of cleaning, refit or repair.

If you need any exterior repair or rebranding or possibly interior rebuilding, you can come to us for this kind of work. We will help advise on the materials and the options available and show just how to create a new looking and fresh interior. This may require a complete reconstruction or simple change of colour scheme for flooring and upholstery and worktops. We will design, quote and undertake any work you request.

In addition to refurbishing our clients existing trailers and vehicles we do also offer a range of refurbished exhibition trailers for sale. These range in size from small 4 metre exhibition trailers through to full HGV articulated hospitality trailers. We also stock a range of vehicles and specialise in particularly in the refurbishment of ex mobile libraries which can be converted into a wide range of very practical vehicles for promotional activities and roadshows. Do take a look at our current stock list.

And it is not just reconstruction or decorative work that we can undertake. We can also install a wide range of IT equipment, gaming equipment (very popular these days) and of course audio visual screens and aids for presentations, speakers and sound systems as well as internet connection. Where applicable we do of course also supply the appropriate certification documentation.

To summarise we can give your existing trailer a complete make over or we can offer you a range of refurbished exhibition trailers for sale.

However much you care for your trailer, attending outdoor events throughout the year takes it toll on both exterior and interior, just as the passage of time results in new colours, messages and formats of presentation.  Our exciting range of refurbished exhibition trailers for sale are the ideal solution.

If you simply need to refresh the interior look and feel of your trailer, perhaps on a low budget refurbishment, we can help you.

But we can just as easily take your trailer and completely rebuild it adding new features for a new use or new campaign activity, adding the latest IT equipment including smart board presentations and internet communications whilst upgrading on board services to reflect new operating requirements.

We can upgrade electrical installations, renew Certifications and rebrand the exterior.

In short we can give your trailer a complete make over.


Photos: A 7 metre exhibition trailer with a fully refurbished interior undertaken by Freeway
Trailers Ltd on behalf of Rustons Engineering Co Ltd, suppliers of
quality farm and ground care equipment