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Exhibition Trailer
Freeway Trailer Design Service
...for designs which are creative and unique

Based on long experience of building exhibition trailers we have a wealth of ideas to share with you when it comes to creating your road show trailer. From the outset we can help make your project that much easier by
  • Recommending the right choice of trailer
  • Turning your requirement into a visual image
  • Sourcing the best and most sustainable materials
  • Offering a range of options and choices
  • At all times thinking of value for money
We know most (well perhaps even all!) the options available, the materials to use.......and rarely, if ever, do we need to say something is impossible. Our approach is very much "yes we can!" and our design team will show you how.

Our design skills give us the all important ability to calculate weights, axle loadings and structural strength to a high degree of accuracy. But for us design is not just about looks, it's about function too, so operation, assembly, legality, towing and safely are all part of the trailer design ethic.

We also believe in sustainability and do our very best to use the most environmentally friendly components.

Good trailer design is also about access and convenience for all. So we take great pride in incorporating, where appropriate, the equipment that helps the wheelchair bound, visually impaired, and those with hearing difficulties.....the elderly and the very young. Whoever your target audience we can create the environment in which they feel welcomed and comfortable.

We also know how to design into each aspect of the trailer those oft forgotten features that aid and speed up, the setup operation to provide swift and safe assembly........a vital ingredient of exhibition trailer design. Reduced manpower saves costs and time and simple assembly improves safety and reduces damage to your contents.

But we are not only design engineers; we can help with the styling of interiors too. Whether your trailer is for exhibition, training, sampling or sales we can create an interior to reflect your image whilst, at the same time, showing how to incorporate generators, solar panels, AV equipment, smart boards, catering equipment, IT, silent generators and many more features.

We have our own in house 3D Solid Works computer modelling programme that allows us to create life like visuals for you to fully understand the trailer even before construction commences. A great aid when discussing projects with your colleagues!

Photo: A solid works model of two 7 metre turntable steer trailers built for the Royal Navy.
This drawing shows the two trailers linked by a platform and canopy
(also supplied by Freeway) to create a single large display stand.