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Second hand exhibition trailer for sale
....a wide range for many uses

Although our primary business is the design and build of new trailers and vehicles we recognise the need to offer you the opportunity to make use of an existing unit. The reason for choosing a second hand exhibition trailer for sale is generally one of just two. The convenience of starting with an existing trailer means that we can complete any refurbishment and deliver much more quickly than we can for a new build. So anyone requiring a trailer or vehicle quickly is always advised to look for second hand as a first option. Whilst most of our clients would like to plan well ahead this is not always possible in this day and age of rapid market changes where demand and need can alter so quickly!

The second reason for buying second hand exhibition trailers for sale is simply one of cost. Even the largest and wealthiest of our clients have to consider budgets in the current economic climate and look carefully at return on investment. For the smaller company and those setting up new business ventures, a second hand purchase can offer much more for them. We deliberately try to maintain a range of sizes in stock and within each category aim to offer different levels of age and condition. If a reasonably standard format and interior is required then we would hope to have something suitable that could be used with very little alteration. In those cases where something more special is required then it is best to start with a lower cost base unit that can be economically stripped and very much reconfigured.

1. HGV Articulated trailers

Exhibition trailer with double extension


This exceptionally well built and virtually unused roadshow trailer features two long extension pods providing a very spacious and versatile internal display space. With rear canopy and entrance (featuring a wheelchair lift) this trailer is ideal for providing high quality roadshows.  Whilst it is fitted with an on board genrator it is completely empty and ready for fit out.

Ref: HG73
Double extending roadshow trailer


A very good quality roadshow and exhibition trailer with extension pod to offside and gull wing extension to the nearside providing a large open internal space. Attractive glazing to the nearside extension. Ideal for events, training, product launches and other activities.

Ref: VV012
Double extension pod trailer


A very stylish double extension pod trailer with moulded nose. Recently repainted with high quality silver finish this trailer provides a brilliant image backdrop for any roadshow.  Large open interior space is supported by services such as air conditioning, heating and on board generator.An attractive entrance makes this a versatile unit and a must to view.

Ref: VV035
2. European trailers

European exhibition trailers


We have no European constructed trailers in stock at present

Ref: EU
3. Light Weight Articulated trailers

Exceptional lightweight trailer and cab


This is a superb 9 metre lightweight roadshow trailer which comes complete with tractor cab (but either available on their own).  The trailer has rear access with a large fully glazed extension to the nearside.  Ideal for roadshopw promotional activity.  If you require a high standard of trailer then this unit will meet with your approval.

Ref: VV029
Light weight articulated trailer
This is a little used 12 person Data Centre trailer with a 9500mm body fitted with a single gull wing extension.  Ideal for use that it has been designed for as it has workstations and services.  Alternatively the interior can be converted to exhibition or showroom usage.  Has generator, air conditioning and a galley.

Ref: LT32
Mobile data centre
This 11500 mm mobile data centre has had very little use and therefore interior is fresh and clean.  Ideal for use as a mobile office or communication centre but equally ideal for conversion to other uses such as exhibition or roadshow.  The body features 3 extensions which makes is both unique and spacious.  Services include generator and air conditioning.

Ref: LT33
4. Small trailers

Exhibition trailer


Only NEW builds of this design are now available.  T111 is available as in 3, 4, 5 and 6 metre sizes and can be supplied as base shell only. This design is perfect for a wide range of roadshow uses. Fitted with a hinge up canopy and swing out display panels this trailer is versatile and easy to set up.

Ref: T111
open fronted exhibition trailer


An unusual open fronted 7 metre exhibition trailer on turntable steer chassis. This trailer has a large stage covered with a hinged canopy and steps around for easy access.  There is a small private galley / office to the front with private access door on offside. Otherwise a large open space which ideal for many promotional activities.

Ref: T149
Exhibition / hospitality trailer


An unusual and attractively designed 7 metre turntable steer exhibition / hospitality trailer featuring covered entrance and extension pod.  This trailer has a spacious and stylish interior making it ideal for providing high quality hospitality at events and roadshows. Ideal also for product branding and promotion. An exceptional exhibition trailer.

Ref: VV011
Vending trailer


Tandem axle trailer which is currently and empty shell.  Ideal for vending or product sampling this trailer can be converted for a variety of uses.  It features a serving hatch and counter to the nearside.  Can be fitted out for catering.

Ref: T158
Display and information trailer


We have three of these versatile display or product information trailers for sale.  They are ideal for information campaigns and offer both display and product / literature distribution opportunities.  Being double sided they can be used to great effect in precinct marketing campaigns and small enough for use in indoor shopping malls.These are suitable for modification to display product or services.

Ref: T162
Information trailer


This is a modified and upgraded version of trailers T162 having been painted black and fitted out with a large flat screen for broadcast of DVD's and other promotional messages. Ideal for precinct marketing campaigns and other promotional activities.

Ref: T163
5. Specialised Vehicle Conversions

Superior 7500 kgs chassis cab with extensions


A top quality chassis cab featuring two extensions; a gull wing to the nearside and an extension pod to the offside. What makes this really striking is the moulded rear which hinges upwards to form a canopy and reveal both steps and wheel chair access. Rated at 7500 kgs this is ideal for self operated roadshows.  On board features include a generator and air conditioning.

Ref: VV018
Chassis cab with pod and gull wing


The second of two superior high quality exhibition / roadshow vehicles that we have in stock. This model incorporates an extension pod to the offside and a gullwing extension, with glazing, to the nearside.  An attractive moulded rear hinges upwards to reveal entrances with steps and wheelchair lift.  The large spacious interior is ideal for many uses ranging from training to product launches and demonstration.

Ref: VV038
Demountable camper van body
A new camper van demountable body suitable for use on a 3500 kgs chassis cab. Could be fixed permanently to a chassis for a more traditional motorhome format.

Ref: VV48
6. Buses and coaches

Range of buses ideal for conversion
We currently have access to a stock of attractive buses which are ideal for conversion for promotional uses or as mobile training facilities. All in excellent condition.

Ref: CB18
7. Mobile Libraries

Mobile Library


Within our Group we hold a large stock of second hand mobile libraries ranging from 7500 kgs models up to 13,000 kgs models.  Individual vehicles within this stock vary in age, mileage and condition and although most of them are fully fitted out as mobile libraries some come stripped of shelving whilst others are fitted with desks, computer points and other features.

Mobile libraries, which normally come complete with wheelchair access and other features can be converted into a variety of uses including promotional vehicles, training units and even mobile shops.

If you are considering a mobile library conversion call us and we will happily look at the options available to you or suggest alternative vehicles that may be more suted to your individual needs. 

For a full stock list of mobile libraries and other second hand specialist vehicles shown on this web site contact us on or phone 01780 720435.

Ref: LIB74
8. Animal welfare and Dog Grooming vehicles

Animal Ambulances and Transport

We offer a wide range of specialist high standard animal welfare vehicles which include Mobile veterinary surgeries and health check mobiles, Animal Ambulances, Animal Rescue vehicles and Pet Taxi Service vans.  These we fit out with lightweight aluminium cages plus supporting equipment to individual client choice.

We either supply new vans at competitive prices or offer good quality second hand vehicles to a specified budget.  Alternatively we are just as happy to refurbish and convert client supplied vehicles.

Ref: Animal Welfare
Animal Ambulance
A second hand vehicle recently fitted out as an animal ambulance featuring cage in the rear compartment.  Small animal carriers fitted in a rack above the cage are available as options.  A roof vent provides ventilation.

Ref: A41

Our stock of used exhibition trailers for sale vary from month to month so if you do not see what you are looking for do please keep looking. Alternatively we constantly searching for stock and often know of second hand exhibition trailers for sale that we do not as yet have on our lists, so it is always worthwhile letting us know what you are looking for.

Once selected, we can undertake as much refurbishment or conversion work as you require. We can alter or reshape the body, fit extensions, re-design and fit out a full interior, add power sources and finally repaint or add the graphics for you.

Our stock can be categorised as follows:

1. HGV Articulated trailers (many with extension pods, gull wings and upper decks)
2. European trailers (these are available from our European partners)
3. Lightweight articulated trailers (articulated trailers under 8250 kgs gross weight)
4. Small trailers (trailers under 7 metres in length and 3500 kgs in weight)
5. Specialist vehicle conversions (Mobile offices, outreach vehicles and command centres)
6. Buses and coaches (normally empty for conversion but some fitted out)
7. Mobile libraries (fully fitted but ideal for conversion)
8. Animal welfare vehicles and dog grooming vans