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Our earliest sales trailers tended to be used by charities, as a cost effective selling platform, from which they could sell fund raising merchandise or equipment as part of their outreach activities. But this has diversified rapidly, with more and more companies using trailers to sell their own branded merchandise at trade and public events. Promoting and selling simultaneously.

Indeed many of our clients work on the principal that they can make attendance at events self funding activities paid for by the sales that they can achieve on site.

Even fully equipped retail shops are no longer uncommon, such as those we have built for the Co-operative Society. More recently we have designed and manufactured a mobile pet there really is no limit to the size and nature of product that sales trailers can be used to sell.

For retail sales we can of course incorporate all of those features normally associated with retailing, welcoming entrances with wheelchair access, good lighting, cash tills, internet access and more.

And sales trailers need no longer be restricted to the consumer markets as many business to business companies use them to display and sell items such as tools, on site, where their customers are at work.

Photo: A 7 metre sales trailer fully equipped retail shop built for the Co-operative
Society as part of a 3 trailer roadshow "village".