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Many people are in search of new employment at any one time, and with employers in search of only the better candidates, traditional approaches such as advertising vacancies are no longer the best nor the most effective, answer for employers and prospective employees alike.

At Freeway trailers we have extensive experience in the design and build of specialist recruitment trailers, ones that can be used by employers to better show prospective candidates the variety of job opportunities they have on offer.

Whilst most jobs cannot easily explained in a press advertisement, on board a recruitment trailer the use of the latest audio visual techniques and touch screen computer systems can be used by candidates to search, read about and understand opportunities, before even the very first face to face meeting. A situation that provides the best introduction for both recruiter and candidate.

Our recruitment trailers take many formats, with some very much demonstrating the roles and activities of different positions such as the practical demonstration catering vehicle we have built for the Royal Navy. Other more relaxed environments area created to help explain career paths and career opportunities, such as the information bus provided to Poultec Training for work on behalf of Breckland Council.

Recruitment trailers are in use with educational authorities, private companies and public services. Our recent membership recruitment trailer built for the Co-operative Society illustrates just how broad the concept of recruitment can be. If your organisation has a recruitment drive and you feel that going mobile is an option..... please call us for advice on how and what we can do for you.

Photo: A "fleet" of recruitment trailers built to provide the Royal Navy with
a flexible and very versatile recruitment roadshow.