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Exhibition Trailer
Legislation issues to think about and Regulations to be aware of

There are a number of UK and European Regulations that you will come across when buying your trailer and operating your road show activities. For those going mobile for the first time it can be quite difficult to be aware of the existence of some of these....and ignorance is never a defence. So you need to work with experienced professionals like Freeway to be sure of receiving good advice before you take some important decisions.

For legal reasons we cannot always give you definitive advice but we can certainly make you aware of the issues which should be of concern or interest to you, and here are just a few:

  • From October 2012 all types of trailers (including exhibition trailers) manufactured in a single stage in the UK must have European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA). From now on if you order a new trailer do make sure there is an appropriate registration number on the chassis.
  • Trailers and vehicles are built to satisfy Construction and Use Regulations. These rules govern many aspects of the build and you should be sure that your trailer or vehicle satisfies all such regulations.
  • If a 240 volt electrical installation is included in the build then you MUST have a certificate to show that the system has been checked and approved to IEE 17th Edition Regulations.
  • If your staff or colleagues are driving or towing, be extra vigilant and check what their Driving Licence entitles them to drive. Those passing their driving test later than January 1997 are quite limited in what they can drive or tow. So be wary.
  • Don’t assume that the Disability Discrimination Act means that you must have wheel chair access at all times. There are many situations where there is no such legal requirement to do so, as long as you fulfil certain criteria.
  • Be aware that tachograph regulations now apply to exhibition trailers and vehicles. This is an extremely complex and “grey area” of the law. You may need to operate on tachograph, and as this is based on the plated weight (or MAM) of vehicles and trailers, you need to be sure of your weights.
  • When handling or preparing food be aware that Food Hygiene Regulations or at least best practice may apply.

These are just a handful of some of the key issues you need to be aware of when buying and operating an exhibition trailer. They may sound daunting, but don’t despair, most exist for good common sense reasons and will cause little serious problem to your campaign plans.


Photo: A Mercedes Sprinter van converted into a 12 seat games vehicle