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Exhibition Trailer
Interior design
...based on years of innovation

By talking with you, listening to you and getting to understand your business we can learn how to present your company inside your trailer, be it for hospitality or practical demonstration. We can take inspiration from your offices, brochures, web site, your above line marketing activities and, of course, your corporate identity. All of these help us come up with suggestions for the interior design.

We simply do not do standard builds, so each and every trailer is different and individually designed taking away the "identikit" image of others and making your trailer stand out....unique for you and your customers.

We use tried and tested cutting edge material and component suppliers from whose catalogues we can choose, with you, the content and colours to create the environment that you want.

Whilst appearance is one thing we also advise and take into account practicality. With our extensive experience we have a feel for the features that work...not to mention the ones to avoid! So by working with us you can be sure that the design you get is the design you need to look good and to work well and function for years to come.

And with Freeway design you can be assured that the materials we specify and the construction methods we use are all carefully selected to provide you with the very best return on your investment. We minimise the visibility of fixings, fastening and other construction components to give your trailer a quality to be proud of.


Photo: Interior view of a 7 metre turntable steer trailer built for the Royal Navy.
Note the use of lighting, touch screen technology and even directional sound systems.