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roadshow-sampling-demonstration-vehicle.jpg Photo: A 4500 kgs Iveco Daily chassis cab conversion with a 6 metre body featuring extension pod. product-demonstration-display-vehicle.jpg Photo: A 3500 kgs Fiat Ducato chassis cab conversion with 4.2 metre body fitted with canopy and glazed doors. mobile-training-vehicle.jpg Photo: A 3500 kgs Fiat Ducato chassis cab conversion featuring a 4 metre body with side and rear access.
exhibition-trailer-6metre.jpg Photo: A 6 metre turntable steer product demonstration trailer with hinged canopy and stage. product-display-vehicle.jpg Photo: A conversion of an ex mobile library into a mobile demonstration facility for high end printers. cooking-demonstration-trailer.jpg Photo: A 13.6 metre articulated cooking demonstration trailer featuring gull wing extension, extension pod and roof balcony.
demonstration-roadshow-unit.jpg Photo: Interior of a demonstration vehicle featuring product displays and test equipment plus storage facilities. demonstration-trailer-fires.jpg Photo: Interior of a 6 metre demonstration trailer featuring active log burning fires plus log storage. demonstration-vehicle-interior.jpg Photo: Interior view of a demonstration vehicle fitted with active gas detection equipment.
hospitality-trailer.jpg Photo: A 7 metre turntable steer hospitality trailer featuring a curved gullwing entrance with interior floor space increased by an extension pod. double-deck-hospitality-trailer.jpg Photo: A 13.6 metre articulated double deck hospitality trailer featuring a double gullwing to maximise lower deck floor area. lightweight-artic-trailer.jpg Photo: A 9 metre lightweight articulated hospitality trailer featuring a stage and extension pod and inside a cyber café.
Hospitality-trailer-interior-7metre.jpg Photo: A comfortable seating area created inside a 7 metre hospitality trailer offering a relaxed and stylish discussion area. hospitality-trailer-honda.jpg Photo: A spacious interior of a 13.6 metre articulated hospitality trailer featuring a racing simulator and information wall. hospitality-trailer-interior.jpg Photo: Comfortable seating and discussion area created within a 7 metre turntable steer hospitality trailer.
hospitality-seating-coach.jpg Photo: A luxurious private office created within a Mercedes coach which is also fitted out with a more public office area. hospitality-trailer-upper-deck.jpg Photo: The upper deck area of a double deck hospitality 13.6 metre articulated trailer featuring a public facility to one end with office to other. homeless-hospitality-bus-interior.jpg Photo: A functional seating area created within a bus offering temporary hospitality to homeless people in Derbyshire.
outreach-health-mobile.jpg Photo: A 4500 kgs Iveco Daily chassis cab conversion fitted with a 6 metre body, extension pod and glazed nearside. outreach-vehicle-interior.jpg Photo: Interior view of an arts based outreach vehicle designed for those suffering with mental health issues. health-promotion-vehicle.jpg Photo: An Iveco Daily 4500 kgs chassis cab conversion fitted with a 6 metre body, extension pod and double entrance.
charity-outreach-trailer.jpg Photo: A 7 metre tandem axle outreach trailer for visibly impaired featuring extension pod and double entrance. medical-vehicle-outreach-services.jpg Photo: A 3500 kgs Fiat Ducato cab with AL-KO extension built for the NHS to provide outreach services in Berkshire. medical-mobile-interior.jpg Photo: A fully sound proofed medical health check interior built into a mobile unit for the NHS.
information-trailer-car-towable.jpg Photo: A small car towable information trailer with display panels and canopy for use in shopping centres and shows. bus-conversion-outreach-vehicle.jpg Photo: A bus converted to provide a range of outreach services to the homeless in Derbyshire. exhibition-trailer-public-services.jpg Photo: A 4 metre public service information trailer featuring display panels and literature dispensers.
public-information-trailer.jpg Photo: A 7 metre turntable steer roadshow trailer designed to provide information road show about the HS2 project. exhibition-trailer-broadland-council.jpg Photo: A 4.2 metre open exhibition trailer providing a localised information roadshow on energy conservation. roadshow-information-trailer.jpg Photo: A 13.6 metre roadshow trailer featuring a large gull wing public display area used to promote the Tour de France.
information-trailer.jpg Photo: A 5 metre trailer tandem axle trailer created for a national information roadshow for the Inland Revenue. roadshow-promotional-trailer.jpg Photo: A 13.6 metre roadshow trailer featuring double gullwing extensions that then extend a second time to create space. hire-exhibition-trailer.jpg Photo: A 7 metre roadshow trailer used on a national Government campaign to promote the concept of Eco townships.
information-trailer-hispeed.jpg Photo: Interior view of a public information roadshow trailer built to provide plans and technical information on HS2. roadshow-bus-centro.jpg Photo: A bus conversion and refurbishment designed for regular public consultation and information roadshows. roadshow-vehicle-demonstration.jpg Photo: The interior of a 3500 kgs Citroen Relay pumping products demonstration roadshow vehicle
royal-navy-recruitment-trailer.jpg Photo: A 6 metre graduate recruitment trailer visiting universities throughout the country. recruitment-trailer-coop.jpg Photo: A 7 metre membership recruitment trailer created for a Co-operative Society membership campaign roadshow. royal-navy-recruitment-sunderland.jpg Photo: One of several 7 metre turntable steer general purpose recruitment trailers operating for the Royal Navy.
royal-navy-catering-vehicle.jpg Photo: An Iveco Daily chassis cab conversion fitted with a 5 metre body built for the Royal Navy recruitment services. recruitment-roadshow-bus.jpg Photo: One of a number of bus conversions used for recruiting students to a specialist vocational training centre. royal-navy-recruitment-catering.jpg Photo: A fully fitted out catering vehicle used to promote recruitment into catering careers in the Royal Navy.
survey-vehicle.jpg Photo: A most unusual vehicle used for road surveying. A specially designed body carries precision lasers. dog-grooming-van.jpg Photo: A dog grooming van complete with bath, grooming table, blower and drier fitted with air conditioning and TV. dog-grooming-van-interior.jpg Photo: Interior view of a dog grooming van which is one of many supplied throughout the UK and overseas.
mobile-vet-surgery.jpg Photo: A fully equipped mobile veterinary surgery able to cater for many animal welfare needs and treatments. bus-conversion.jpg Photo: A luxury coach conversion featuring an attractive private office plus a full working office with stylish décor. mobile-commentary-box.jpg Photo: A hydraulically operated, fully glazed, double deck commentary box featuring all round vision.
gamewagon-mobile-gaming.jpg Photo: A creatively designed fleet of Mercedes Sprinter vans fitted out for mobile gaming with air conditioning. gaming-van-gamewagon.jpg Photo: The interior of a Game Wagon gaming vehicle showing the bench seating, internal lighting and screens. mobile-veterinary-surgery.jpg Photo: Animal welfare rescue and emergency response vehicle designed to save and help treat animals in distress.
Animal-rescue-transport.jpg Photo: One of several dog rescue vehicles built for Dogs Trust specifically for shipment to Malta for a rescue programme. veterinary-ambulance.jpg Photo: The interior of an equine diagnostic vehicle featuring drawers, working top, cool box and hand wash facilities. pet-transporter-ambulance.jpg Photo: An animal ambulance / pet taxi van converted for a new animal transport service established in Liverpool.
training-trailer-salford-university.jpg Photo: A 9 metre lightweight articulated trailer with extension pod to offside and gull wing extension to nearside. training-trailer-npower.jpg Photo: Interior view of a 13.6 metre articulated training trailer highlighting the importance of lighting effects. vocational-training-mobile.jpg Photo: A 3500 kgs Iveco Daily chassis cab conversion fitted out to provide vocational training programmes in horticulture.
training-bus-conversion.jpg Photo: One of a fleet of buses converted into training vehicles offering a range of training and vocational courses. catering-vehicle-interior.jpg Photo: Interior of a fully equipped commercial kitchen used to provide catering training to various qualifications. it-training-mobile.jpg Photo: Interior view of an IT training suite built into a bus conversion. Features include generator and air conditioning.
bus-conversion-office.jpg Photo: Conference table within a meeting room created on the upper deck of a standard double deck bus. training-vehicle-apc.jpg Photo: A Mercedes Sprinter chassis cab conversion 3500 kgs used as a mobile training suite for internal staff training. exhibition-vehicle-training-vehicle.jpg Photo: An internal view of a mobile 3500 kgs Mercedes Sprinter training vehicle offering a range of internal staff courses.
mobile-library-conversion.jpg Photo: A mobile library converted into a mobile shop for use at outdoor events and shows. Features awning and wide entrance. retail-exhibition-trailer.jpg Photo: A fully glazed 9 metre lightweight articulated retailing trailer fitted with entrance gull wing and swing out display. single-axle-exhibition-trailer.jpg Photo: A single axle car towable retailing trailer with hinged roof canopy and swing out display shelving.
mobile-ticket-office.jpg Photo: A 7 metre mobile ticket sales office promoting and selling tickets for the British Film Festival. mobile-ticket-trailer.jpg Photo: Interior view of a mobile ticket office trailer featuring seating, displays and security screen over counter. simulator-trailer.jpg Photo: A 7 metre racing simulator trailer featuring extension gull wing and extension pod holding a range of simulators.
mobile-showroom.jpg Photo: One of a fleet of mobile showrooms touring the country selling ethically sourced products to retail outlets. mobile-shop-trailer.jpg Photo: A 7 metre trailer built as a mobile self service shop for the Co-operative Society which toured events nationwide. festival-mobile.jpg Photo: A mobile library converted into a mobile shop which visits music festivals with a range of fancy dress products.
sampling-trailer-coffee.jpg Photo: A 7 metre turntable steer sampling trailer featuring triple gull wing extensions. Inside a horseshoe counter. sampling-trailer-drinks.jpg Photo: A 7 metre tandem axle trailer with platform and canopy designed for the sampling and sale of various beverages. mobile-shop.jpg Photo: A 7 metre turntable steer trailer designed as a self service open fronted shop and food sampling unit for shows.
sampling-trailer-car-towable.jpg Photo: A small single axle car towable product sampling trailer designed for use at supermarkets and shopping precincts. Nescafe-trailer.jpg Photo: A sampling trailer used to maximise product distribution at town centres and outdoor events. sampling-food-trailer.jpg Photo: A 4 metre tandem axle exhibition trailer designed with hinge down sampling and sales counter to the nearside.
product-demonstration-vehicle.jpg Photo: A 4500 kgs Iveco Daily chassis cab conversion with 6 metre body used for product demonstration and sampling. sampling-vehicle-vending.jpg Photo: A glazed slide out extension pod used as the main entrance to a sampling and demonstration vehicle. product-sampling-mobile.jpg Photo: The interior designed as a vending machine demonstration and sampling area for a promotional roadshow vehicle.
exhibition-trailer-anglia- fireplaces.jpg Photo: A 6 metre turntable steer exhibition trailer with full length hinge up canopy and drop down platform. exhibition-trailer-car-towable.jpg Photo: A small 3.2 metre car towable tandem axle exhibition trailer with hinge up canopy and swing out display panels. promotional-trailer-bfi.jpg Photo: A 7 metre exhibition trailer with rounded extension pod and swing out display panels with steps and wheelchair lift.
exhibition-trailer-cat.jpg Photo: A 7 metre exhibition and hospitality trailer with dark glazed extension pod and large swing out display panels. roadshow-trailer-hi-speed.jpg Photo: The interior view of a 7 metre information based exhibition road show trailer with extension pod to offside. exhibition-trailer-roof-gallery.jpg Photo: An unusual 7 metre trailer with roof gallery which is accessed by an external spin out spiral staircase.

Exhibition trailers can, and do, come in wide range of sizes and shapes. Over the years our design and engineering team has been responsible for creating and building some of the most interesting and innovative trailers of their day. That said, we are proud of every trailer we build from the very smallest sampling trailer to the largest double deck hospitality road show unit.

The chances are that you will not see a trailer on this page to suit your specific needs, but from this brief snapshot of our work, we hope that you can see the versatility of what we do.

We hope this will give you the confidence to know that we can rise to the challenge of helping, advising and building a special trailer or special vehicle for you.