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Exhibition trailers
...for the WOW! factor

An exhibition trailer provides you with the perfect cost effective way to attend organised outdoor (and indoor) events, whilst also allowing you to run your own roadshow.

Our exhibition trailers start as small as 3 metre car towable units and increase in size right through to full articulated trailers at 13.6 metres in length. All sizes can be fitted with features to maximise internal floor space.

Whilst we are quite happy to build a basic trailer shell for you to fit out yourself, we have the skill and the passion to design and create the complete trailer including final exterior branding.

Whatever your product or services we can build an exhibition trailer around your needs, taking into consideration the importance of ease of operation, making the trailer that much easier to set up and take down. We appreciate that for most this is the "unwelcome task" so we treat it as an important issue.

Naturally we consider Health and Safety issues too, so you will always find Freeway trailers come with all applicable Approvals and Certifications.

To comply with disability discrimination requirements we offer ramps or wheelchair lifts as part of the entrance design and once inside we also take into account the needs of those with vision or hearing impairments.

Generally speaking our exhibition trailers tend to have open entrances, display panels and banner boards to provide a welcoming environment and eye catching display to increase your trailers footfall.

On board we can fit out the exhibition trailer to best present your products or services and incorporate seating, tables and desks to suit your needs. On smaller exhibition trailers we tend to minimise catering facilities, whilst a full galley including sink, fridge, and microwave are very much standard requirements for most medium to large trailers.

Our range of Freeway exhibition trailers (and indeed exhibition vehicles) are not, as some may be tempted to believe, a recent invention of marketers.  It would be good to think they are but at Freeway our own history, and experience, dates back to the early 1980’s .....but even then trailers (well perhaps we should say horse and carts!) had been in use for centuries to sell, demonstrate and promote products.  What’s changed in recent decades is an increase in the sophistication of the build (not to mention EU Regulations, Construction and Use Regulations and most recently Whole Vehicle Type Approval) and the operation of what remains, to this day, a much under used and under appreciated marketing tool.

Initially, almost all of the exhibition trailers that we designed and built were used on the County Show circuit, with annual events such as The Royal near Coventry, The Royal Highland in Scotland, the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate and, in the South West, the Royal Cornwall Show; being the must attend events of every annual promotional calendar.  As the names of these shows imply many, if not most, of our clients in those days were directly, or in some way loosely associated with Agriculture or its support industries.  By the late 1980’s there was a definite and steady increase in non agricultural businesses showing interest in the features and benefits that exhibition trailers can add to promotional schedules. With more and more business to business clients such as Servomex and Eternit matching the growing numbers of consumer clients such as Puma, Dairy Crest and Specsavers, all of whom were clients in those days.  Whilst motor manufacturers such as Land Rover and Nissan were certainly the primary users of exhibition trailers; but by the 90’s we had begun to see a movement to more specialised trailers, very specifically equipment with more than decorative hospitality features such as those for sampling and product demonstration for clients as diverse as Carte Noire Coffee, Nescafe and Dell Computers. 

Mobile training facilities too, began to appear, with the introduction of the creation of Enterprise Councils (such as Scottish Borders Enterprise) we started to design and construct more multifunctional trailers that provided fully equipped training facilities in one mode whilst converting act as promotional and information exhibition trailers in another. And demand for these types of mobile training units have continued right through to the current decade when we have build specialist training trailers and vehicles for companies such as Poultec Training, SLIC and Veolia.

Another development that we have seen over recent years is the increase in the use of our products and services by Central Government, Local Authorities, Not for Profit organisations and Charities.  Hence the development of the exhibition trailer into specialist areas and uses where the provision of information has become the key design requirement.  Government Agencies need to communicate with the public, and be seen to do so, and the use of road shows has become a standard feature of many central Government campaigns. Many charitable organisations use trailers much the same as one built for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf many years ago where our aim was three-fold; to inform, recruit volunteers and sell merchandise to raise funds.  Not far different from a trailer village built years later for the Co-operative society where we were providing catering and cookery demonstrations in one trailer, selling merchandise from a shop in another and in a third we had a full membership recruitment facility. At Freeway we have built for and assisted large charities such as Dogs Trust whilst supporting more local charities such as Arts and Minds in Cambridgeshire (for whom we produced a mobile art studio) and even smaller faith based organisations who do incredible work for those less well off than ourselves such as New Hope in Leeds.  Most recently we have built an exhibition vehicle for Lylac Ridge, a wonderful group of people who take animals to schools to help those children with learning difficulties for whom a relationship with animals can do the power of good and nurture success.

And even recruitment of staff is not beyond the capability and application of an exhibition trailer.  We have produced many forms of recruitment trailer, of which the most notable are probably those constructed recently for the Royal Navy where we created high tech touch screens with career guiding content plus specialist trailers for graduate recruitment and catering vehicle for recruitment.

What links many of the exhibition trailers we build today and makes them different from those of 30 years ago is the way in which they are used. Whilst many still do attend organised events, trailers built in the current decade are no longer restricted to the County Show circuit we have already mentioned, as our product display trailers, such as those created for Anglian Fireplaces and Fourneaux de France are now to be seen at specialist trade and consumer shows including those being used indoors at venues such as the NEC.  In such indoor shows a trailer can be highly cost effective when compared to the cost of a stand build!  And this even goes further with many clients preferring to plan their own roadshow activities with a view to taking their trailers to very specific locations such as their client’s premises, town centres and even collages and universities.  Pegler Yorkshire and Salamander Pumps have, for example, both had us design and build them exhibition vehicles which their own sales staff take to clients premises to train staff and inform end users via physical product demonstrations build on board.

With the move towards clients operating there own roadshow activities, generally using their own staff, it is important for all to be aware of regulations regarding driving licenses and, in the case of some trailers and vehicles, Tachograph Regulations.  At Freeway we always aim to give the best advice that we can and it is often important to start with these legal issues first, rather than design a trailer or vehicle first, leaving movement as an after thought.

Hence the selection of the size and in particular weight of your exhibition trailer is an important decision point.  Smaller trailers such as those under 750 kgs can be made car towable, and towable by all drivers) and as such highly versatile; which is why we have a developed a number of low cost small trailers for a variety of promotional, sampling and exhibition uses. Go above this trailer weight and the trailer will need to have a braking system which then requires drivers to have held their driving licences prior to January 1997 to have automatic right to tow. Drivers obtaining the license after this date need to take a specialist towing test to tow trailers over 750 kgs, so be aware of this fact when thinking about your own promotional plans.  Those drivers not holding a licence to tow a trailer can none the less drive a vehicle up to a gross plated weight of 3500 kgs.  Hence we do now offer a wide range of chassis cab conversions which can in many ways be more versatile than one of our traditional exhibition trailers, so it is worthwhile looking at the specialist vehicle section of our web site.  Or simply call us for more information and advice on this aspect of taking your promotional activity mobile.

Another question we are often asked is “just what can we do or how much we can do” and invariably graphics do get mentioned.  Whilst we do not claim to be experts at everything most furniture, decorative and fit out work is well within our skills.  Where clients want their own technical or specialist equipment installed then yes we do prefer this to be done by the client...but at our premises where our staff can assist with the installation to make sure all is secure and safe for transit.   All services such as generators, heating and air conditioning are no problem at all and here again we can advise clients on all of the options available.  Equipment for catering is something we are quite familiar with along with the installation of LED screens, hearing loops, sound systems, public address systems and even gaming equipment such as that installed for Game Wagon, are no problem to us. Led lighting systems are increasing in popularity and hear again we have lots of experience to do just what you want.

In so far as graphics are concerned we can handle all aspects from creative design to the fixing of small lettering requirements and logos through to full vinyl graphics wraps. We can paint spray too if this approach is preferred.


Our exhibition trailer manufacturing facility is located in the beautiful countryside surrounding Rutland Water but remains just 4 miles from the A1 and easily accessible from North, South, East or West. We are also only a short drive from either Stamford or Peterborough mainline stations.  Clients are welcome to visit us at any time where our relaxed, friendly and flexible approach to any project will make buying a Freeway Trailer serious...but fun.