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A new and important part of our Dog Van range are our Trailtrek Dog grooming vans which are based on long wheel base models such as the Fiat Ducato, Renault Master, Vauxhall Movano, and other similar vehicles.  All of course are fitted with either high or extra high roof. These spacious vehicles provide ample room combined to groom the largest of canine clients.  Extra long wheel base dog vans are available should greater space or increased capacity be required.  An additional benefit of these particular models being their low floor height, which improves access for the clients

Whilst we offer a standard installation package we are more than happy to accommodate clients own equipment where this already exists or we are happy to omit features if they are not specifically required.  In short, we offer a very flexible package to suit your preferences and your budget. This gives you the opportunity to have the interior fitted out to your own personal specification.  Many options that you may omit at the build stage can of course be quite easily added at a later date.

The key feature of all dog grooming vans is of course the bath and here we have opted for a new style which is an exceptionally well finished moulded unit with hinged door and slide out step, to allow the client to walk in comfortably and without fuss.  This combines high quality appearance with safety and function.  All Trailtrek dog vans that use hot water are fitted with a special system that allows you to heat water whilst in transit, driving to your appointment, and this means that you can commence work immediately you arrive on site without the need to stand around waiting for water to get to the right temperature.

Added to this innovation is our shampoo dispensing system which reduces costs and speeds up the washing process, whilst also significantly improving the level of doggy hygiene over more traditional methods of shampoo dispensing. As part of our normal approach to design we like to keep working parts and storage facilities away from the main work area which is why you will find we create a separate service room from where all services are controlled.  The same room provides an ideal location for bulk storage of consumable items making your working space less cluttered.

Our standard package includes electric table which can be removed from the van to aid cleaning and this combined with our design means that cleaning is not such a chore. Trailtrek dog vans are built for the comfort of the canine client as well as having been designed with ease of use in mind.

We also provide all external graphics as part of our standard package.  If you know what you want we can simply take your ideas, reproduce them and apply.  If you’re not so sure how to present your image then we will assist you.  As part of the exhibition side of our business which you can see on the rest of our web site we have designers who can provide design assistance whenever it is required.  The exterior of your dog van is your best advertising space, so we like to help you make it work well.  We can even change its colour by spray painting or do, as we do for Dogs Trust, wrap the vehicle in a vinyl wrap.  This gives you complete colour choice and also protects the vans original paint surface.


Photo: A Citroen Relay van converted into a Dog Grooming vehicle featuring, grooming table, bath, blaster and many other features which include air conditioning and television.