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Used exhibition Trailer for Sale

Our primary aim at Freeway Trailers is to work on the design and construction of unique projects, be they in the format of trailers or vehicles. That said, we have found over recent years an increased demand for the supply and conversion of second hand stock and as a result we now maintain a stock of used exhibition trailers for sale. This stock ranges from small car towable units through to full articulated units with extension pods and double decks. Some come very much as empty shells in need of a full refurbishment whilst others come almost good enough for instant use.

Demand for such mobile exhibition units is increasing for two main reasons. First, budget is of course a key factor in current economic circumstances. A used exhibition trailer for sale can be the perfect approach to getting what is required, but within a small budget. In short you get more for your money. That said it is essential to remember that the older the trailer the more one needs to check and service the operating systems including coupling, brakes and axles. So when looking to buy in this way always budget for servicing and refurbishment. Do not assume that the trailer or vehicle can be ready for use. Equally do not let the current condition of a trailer put you off. Very often trailers stripped of their furniture, decor, signage and displays can look neglected. This is not always the case, so it is important not to make a rash first judgement when viewing.

Another, and surprisingly common reason for our clients researching the used exhibition trailers for sale market, is timing. Commissioning the build of a new trailer takes time and often this is simply not available to satisfy marketing objectives, show dates or product launches. Hence many clients are asking us to go the second hand route simply to ensure they can get their road show on the road on time to meet their objectives. If you suddenly find yourself in this position we may well be able to help.

Just because we maintain our own stock please do not assume we are unwilling to work on a used exhibition trailer for sale from another source than ourselves. Quite the contrary. We accept that we can never hold a complete and universal stock to suit all, so we are more than happy to assist our clients buy vehicles elsewhere....even via not unheard of. In addition we do have a member of staff who specialises in purchasing at Auctions and is registered buyer at all main vehicle auctions throughout the country. We are always happy to undertake a nationwide search and, where applicable, bid on behalf of our clients. Auctions are daunting places so leaving your purchase in the hands of a specialist can make the difference between success and failure.

One new reason for choosing used and second hand base vehicles and trailers for your exhibition unit is the introduction of EU Whole Vehicle Type Approval. These new regulations add cost and time to any new build project which can be avoided when you use a second hand chassis. This is already having an effect on used trailer prices which are rising, but still offer an economic benefit over new builds.